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Loop Carpets

Loop carpets are practical and stylish, durable and well suited to high footfall areas, able to deal with the everyday challenges of a busy home. Its probably the oldest style of carpet, but still has a contemporary, and up to date look.

A Sturdy and long lasting option, loop pile carpets, generally have more of a rugged appearance and are often favoured for use on the stairs, in hallways or any other high traffic areas.

Originally named after carpets made by the Berber tribe in Africa, a Berber or looped pile carpet is made from uncut continuous loops on the surface and has a distinctive knot appearance. Carpet can be looped, with a low-profile pile construction, which is known for maintaining its appearance, or have loops of different heights to form a textured pile. For a busy room, choose a Berber with smaller or tighter loops, which easily bounce back and decrease the chance of loops crushing and matting with wear and tear. A good all-rounder, however, not a great choice if you have pets, particularly cats, as they may pull up the loops with their claws.

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