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Haro Flooring

HARO has a long tradition in creating quality wood floors, allowing us to develop an excellent feel for expressing the authenticity of wood as a natural product in all its diversity. In our current series, we have further intensified the vibrancy that makes our floors so special. And in so doing we have allowed ourselves be inspired once more by examples that can only be found in nature.

That’s because there is nothing more beautiful, more sensual and more expressive than untamed nature. Gently falling snow, endless desert sands or the colour intensity of elegant amber or chestnut transform living spaces into an oasis of pure naturalness. Our new surface finishes also pay homage to nature. Textures reminiscent of rock, wood bark or tanned hide make the new surfaces distinctive and beautiful to the touch.

The generous trend formats, which create harmonious surfaces especially when designing larger rooms, are evocative of magical places of boundless expanse, as can be found in deserts or canyon landscapes. When it comes to protecting and caring for our floors, we have also allowed ourselves be inspired by nature. All care products are natural in origin and guarantee optimum protection, a long lifetime and a safe feeling of real healthy living.

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